Our Shacks are exactly what you need when you’re exploring Australia. From your camp kitchen to a bedroom and storage, these tiny houses are built for adventure and comfort.

Nestled in the heart of the outback, Aussie Outback Shacks is where craftsmanship meets passion. Fueled by a family-run spirit, our crew’s expertise lies in creating welcoming, top-notch, and functional homes. With an ethos rooted in Australian values, our shacks aren’t just buildings; they’re heartfelt homes ready to embrace after a hard day’s work. Dive into a journey where quality meets tradition, right here with us.


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Transportable home

Discover the epitome of functional living with our transportable homes. Designed with precision, our homes not only encapsulate the Aussie spirit but also offer an ease of movement. Seamlessly made by seasoned hands, each home is a testament to top-notch Australian standards.

A newly constructed, single-story home with light gray siding being transported onto a red dirt site in a rural setting, with trucks nearby and sparse trees in the background.

Transport Services

Shifting homes was never this easy. With our newly introduced transport services, you get an impeccable delivery experience. Meticulously planned and executed, our transportation ensures your outback shack reaches you safe, sound, and on time.


amenities block

Our amenities are more than just structures; they’re curated experiences. Crafted to perfection, each amenity is a fusion of style, comfort, and durability. Reflecting the Australian essence, our amenities are made to cater to every need, ensuring you always feel at home.

Workers accomodation

Supporting our hardworking Aussies, we craft accommodations tailor-made for comfort after a taxing day. Built with care, these homes stand as a haven for teams, farm hands, and travellers alike. Ensuring a warm welcome and utmost comfort, our accommodations feel just like home.

Construction of a modular building with a metal structure. framework and white insulation panels visible, under a large shelter. tools and materials scattered around the site.

Other Services Offered

From decks to roofs, our services encompass every construction need. Customisations? We’ve got it. Want a built-in patio? Say no more. With a wide array of offerings tailored to individual requirements, our services stand unparalleled.

Aussie Outback Shacks combines the best of both worlds. With tiny houses, we’re bringing comfort and style to the outback.


Showcasing a plethora of projects, from luxury cabins to chic granny flats. Each build, a blend of innovation and tradition, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.