Choose Aussie Outback Shacks for a comprehensive service experience. From crafting your dream building to ensuring it stands tall on your site, we’ve got it all covered. 

Aussie Outback Shacks combines the best of both worlds. With tiny houses, we’re bringing comfort and style to the outback.

Building Transportation Services

At Aussie Outback Shacks, our commitment to you doesn’t end when your building is ready. We understand the vast Australian landscapes and the need to get your chosen structure to its rightful place.

Seamless Transport Solutions

Whether you’re nestled deep in the heartland or stationed at the edge of bustling areas, our transportation services ensure your building reaches you intact and on time. With a specialized fleet and experienced logistics team, we manage the entire process from our door to your location.

Care from Start to Finish

Transporting buildings is more than just a delivery for us; it’s about ensuring that the heart and soul we put into creating your structure remain undamaged. Our experts handle every building with the utmost care, ensuring they’re secured safely for the journey.

All-in-One Convenience

Merging construction and transportation under one roof means less hassle for you. Once your building is ready to leave our site, we coordinate its transport, making sure it reaches your desired location within our expansive service area, spanning a 1000km radius within NSW, including some remote regions like QLD, VIC, and ACT.

New, Yet Expert

Though transportation is a brand-new addition to our offerings, we’ve equipped ourselves with the best in the industry. Our transportation team is trained to handle the unique challenges of moving pre-constructed buildings across varied terrains.