Welcome to Aussie Outback Shacks! Born from the dreams of a genuine Australian family, we’re here to redefine what comfort means in the outback. Our passion is visible in every transportable home we build, every tiny pod we design, and every granny flat we craft. With over 25 years under our belt, our experienced crew pours love, expertise, and high-quality materials into every Outback Shack. So, whether you’re a hardworking farmer, a traveller, or someone seeking a rural retreat, we promise to make coming home your favourite part of the day.

Our Story

With a quarter-century of experience under our belts, our family, rooted in the heart of Australia, felt that the true essence of our homeland wasn’t reflected in the available accommodations. We envisioned outback homes capable of braving the elements while providing unparalleled comfort. This dream fuelled the rise of our family-operated venture, which soon garnered attention for its unwavering commitment to quality, promptness, and authentic Aussie spirit.


What Sets Us Apart?

1. Genuinely Australian: Each Outback Shack we build is a testimony to Australian craftsmanship. We’re a family, not a faceless corporation. Every project is a personal endeavour, ensuring you receive a product made with heart.

2. Speedy Deliveries: Can’t wait to get your new home? Neither can we! Our promise? A mere 6 weeks from creation to delivery. That’s the Aussie Outback Shack guarantee.

3. Unbeatable Quality: Built to last and incredibly sturdy – our shacks defy time and elements. Couple that with our two-and-a-half decades of experience, and you know you’re in good hands. 

4. Tailored to You: From 1, 2, to 3 bedroom setups, farm stay cabins to mess rooms, we’re all about choices. Need a built-in deck or a kit for later attachment? We’ve got you covered. 


At Aussie Outback Shacks, our mission is straightforward. We’re here to offer a haven, a place where you can hang up your boots, relax, and feel utterly at home, no matter where your journey has taken you. We envision an Australia where every worker, traveller, and dreamer has a cosy corner waiting for them at the end of the day. A world where homes are not just structures, but emotions, built to serve and comfort. 

Why choose us?

When it comes to constructing and transporting the perfect home for you, no one does it like Aussie Outback Shacks. Our buildings are built by Aussies, for Aussies. We ensure your transportable accommodations is as comfortable as it is functional. With us, you’re not just getting a house; you’re getting a lifelong companion built to withstand both challenges and celebrations.

    A mobile crane lifting a modular house on a construction site under a clear blue sky. the sun is visible, casting a bright glare. workers are observing the procedure on the ground.
    A modern house with a large wooden deck and shaded veranda, featuring ample windows and a sleek grey exterior, set against a clear blue sky and a ground of red dirt.

    Our Creations Include: 

    • Farm Stay luxury cabins. 
    • Park accommodation cabins. 
    • Amenities Buildings.
    • Granny flats. 
    • Mess rooms. 

    And they come jam-packed with features: From being built to the Residential Building Code, Australian-made certifications, under-floor insulation, air conditioning, to our choices of interior wall linings and quality kitchens – every detail is meticulously crafted for your comfort. 

    So, if you’re in the NSW region (or within a 1000km radius including QLD, VIC, ACT) and you dream of having a little piece of the outback that’s just for you, you’re in the right place. Reach out today, and let’s make that dream come true! 

    Years of Experience




    Aussie Outback Shacks combines the best of both worlds. With tiny houses, we’re bringing comfort and style to the outback.