Transportable Home

Why Choose Us?

Family-owned and passionately Australian, our services echo the true Aussie spirit. With over 25 years in the industry, our expertise ensures that every product is not only built to last but also resonates with warmth and functionality. We pride ourselves on our quick turn-around, delivering in just 6 weeks. Made from scratch, transported with care, we’re here to bring your dream space to life. From slabs to roofs, Aussie Outback Shacks handles it all.

Aussie Outback Shacks combines the best of both worlds. With tiny houses, we’re bringing comfort and style to the outback.

Made-to-Order Buildings

Welcome to the heart of authentic Australian craftsmanship! With Aussie Outback Shacks, you’re not just choosing a space; you’re opting for a unique experience tailored to your needs. 

Farm Stay Luxury Cabins

Relax and rejuvenate amidst nature with our farm stay cabins. Built with precision, these luxury cabins infuse the serenity of the Australian outback, ensuring your stays are unforgettable.

Park Accommodation Cabins

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and functionality with our park accommodation cabins. Ideal for caravan parks, they’re designed to give visitors the perfect retreat.

Amenities Buildings

More than just a necessity, our amenity buildings stand as a testament to quality. From under-floor insulation to heavy-duty vinyl planks, we ensure every detail speaks comfort and durability.

Granny Flats

Compact, functional, and undeniably cosy, our granny flats are the perfect addition to any property. Tailor-made with choice interiors and sturdy construction, it’s a personal space like no other.

Mess Rooms

Crafted keeping the hardworking Aussie in mind, our mess rooms are the ideal space to kick back and relax after a productive day. Ensuring comfort, these rooms are every worker’s dream haven.

Transportable Homes

The epitome of convenience and functionality, our transportable homes redefine what a true Aussie home feels like. Whether it’s for a hardworking tradie or a passionate traveller, these homes are designed to be easily relocated without compromising on the homely comfort. Truly a home on-the-go.

Inclusions & Options

Aussie Outback Shacks believes in offering more than just the basics. With built-in decks and patios, you have the option to enhance your space further. Or, if you prefer, choose our kits to attach to your building afterwards. It’s all about what feels like home to you.

Key Features

Built to Perfection

Adhering to the Residential Building Code, every shack boasts of top-tier Australian make.

Sturdy Construction

With 310 UB skid and 100 x 50 RHS joists, our shacks stand resilient against the tests of time.

Insulation & Comfort

Stay warm with under-floor insulation, wall ceiling batts, and an additional roof blanket. Plus, the air-con ensures you’re comfy year-round.

Stylish Interiors

From waterproofed tiled wet areas and shower screens to choices of interior wall linings and quality kitchens, every corner echoes elegance.

Durable Exteriors

Exterior corrugated iron roofs combined with a choice of cladding not only look good but last long. Add to that the metal-clad exterior doors, and you’ve got a fortress!

Functional Features

Be it the heavy-duty vinyl planks or the bush kit generator compatible TV UHF aerials, we’ve got you covered.

Peace of Mind

We ensure every shack is dust and vermin proof because your peace is our priority.